Damit!, this is the 10th month in a row my personal economy went the highway. I don’t really know what happed, the 25th every month I get some cash from the government for studying at Uni, but the thing is the 26th its all gone. And I don’t know what happened to it. My neighbour keeps his stuff for the whole month but I cannot even go on for a week, without spending it all. Now somebody may ask; -So you must buy a lot of things? Like unnecessary things?  No man, seriously I haven’t bought anything special for couple of months.
I buy food, okay I buy really much at once, and I know that in the long run I am saving on doing so!
The thing that fucked up the economy this month was a DVD-movie that I forgot to pay for 4 months. When ordered the movie it cost almost 200 swedish krona (SEK), but now I had to pay about 1300 SEK, bequase I had forgotten the order. Scarface is a good movie, but 1300 SEK for it is a little bit to much. Its just one DVD, not even a DVD box. (Maybe I can do the box my self and the… man, im shutting up now) I know im not probably not going to get the “Alfred Nobel” award in economy, or any award in economy for that matter.I blame it on the government who is such a tight-ass! “Tight asses” is the right word!! Im going to explain how the economic situation is for students in
The student grant consists of two sides: one side is a loan (the biggest) and the other part is a student grant, and the latter is the smallest. The government of
Sweden recently increased the tiny pile of money we get, with 300.
But what they didn’t inform us was that 200 SEK (of 300) was a loan and 100 sek was a grant. Hahaha, so they are allowing us to build on our loan so that when we graduate from Uni we first going to meet the hard reality of getting a decent job and then at the same time worrying about paying it back to the cockroaches. Arbeit macht frei? NEIN, JUST ARBEIT!


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  1. * Unni says:

    How can you complain on our school system. Sure it has flaws, but we should be happy that we all get a chance to study. Which isn’t the reality in so many other countries!! We only have to pay for our loans, not for the education!!!

    And. Scarface IS a good movie, but 1300?! hahaha.

    You know what?! I hate ALFA-kassan!!!!!!!!!


    Posted 12 years, 2 months ago
  2. paldies, ka nenosku016bsi!ud83dude00 nu mu016bsu sirdis bu016bs mieru012bgasud83dude09 Click

    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

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